Our prototype API minimizes human interaction and computational effort by smartly selecting the bare minimum amount of data for the domain expert to label.


Overview of our API

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Add human readable labels/classes to your dataset
Create a representation model based on your data
Start querying through your data to find the most fruitful instances to label.
Update your dataset with the new labels.
Query more instances-labelcap
Query more instances, provide more labels and get the most out of our product with this simplified active learning loop.

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Added value

Ηigh accuracy

High accuracy with minimal labeled data: Our active learning approach and proprietary querying strategy help to achieve high accuracy while reducing the amount of labeled data needed.

Faster data labelling

With, you can significantly reduce the time and resources required for data labelling, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.


Our solution is available through an API, allowing for seamless integration into existing MLOps pipelines with other systems and applications.

Representation models

We use representation models to help reduce noise in data, which ultimately reduces processing time and the total computing power required.

Data type agnostic

Our solution can be used to label various types of data, including time-series and image data, with plans to expand to other data types in the future.

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