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The Opportunity

Data labelling is one of the costliest processes in machine learning. Finding, managing and labelling data to build a sufficiently performing model can take weeks or months and in some cases requires sophisticated human expertise.

The Vision

We empower AI and ML professionals to build their ML models with less labelling effort through smart data selection, synthetic data generation and data augmentation.

The Benefit

Our prototype API minimizes human interaction by smartly selecting the bare minimum amount of data for the domain expert to label.

Proprietary querying strategy

A proprietary querying strategy that reduces the amount of labeled data needed

Active learning approach

Active learning approach that maximizes accuracy and efficiency

Use of representation models

Use of representation models to reduce processing time and computing power required

Customizable and flexible solution

Customizable and flexible solution that can fit seamlessly into your existing MLOps pipeline


We are a team of five professionals with experience in machine learning, semantic technologies and data engineering. Our vision is to build a world that enables humans and AI systems to understand each other and to co-create a trustworthy environment that enhances each other’s complementary capabilities.

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